On my radar this week – December 7, 2010

Too much, as usual, to write about, so here’s my random list of interesting stuff.

The Jayhawks new website — either it’s new or I missed it. Either way it’s incredible. It is perfectly branded with incredible photos from Steven Cohen to set the mood. I’m also impressed with their current PR campaign of Facebook and recent press in Rolling Stone.

Discover Card’s deceptive and misleading product add-ons via telemarketing calls. Minnesota Attorney General files suit.

The Minnesota Governor’s Race. Minnesotans believe Emmer should concede. And the Economist bestowed upon us a new season:  Recount (to go with Winter and Road Construction, in case you are not from Minnesota).

Web Advertising and internet tracking. While I definitely see the correlation between an internet tracking opt-out and the do-not-call telephone registry, a better parallel is how advertising funds commercial television. Yes, we can purchase cable or satellite television, but at least we have the option of not.

The Current’s Rock the Cradle. How fun! I can’t think of a better way to spend (besides sledding and just plain hibernating) a Minnesota winter day. Kid’s will be dancing all over the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

The Snow Falling on my Blog. I’m note sure I like this or if it annoys me. But I love snow. For now, I’ll keep WordPress’ Extra for Snow Falling Around the World.

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