Update on @UnSummit “Integrate, Provide, Listen.” (an alternative, “unconference,” not unlike a BarCamp)

Saturday, at 10 am, I’m leading a discussion on Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget using Social Media

I’m almost cringing at how formal and traditional it sounds. Yes, I know I’m a marketing professor, but really couldn’t I have come up with something more creative? YES, I can!

How about:

  1. Small Businesses:  Engage with your customers, Talk to them in all media
  2. Integrate, Provide, Listen

Here’s what I plan to talk about:

If you are a small business, there are two three marketing things you have to do:

1) Integrate your marketing in the real world:  the stickers on your door, the tents on your tables, the signs at your registers, etc. with what you do virtually:  your Twitter feed, your Facebook updates, your blog etc. You can’t do one without the other and expect customers to flock to you.

2) Provide Content. Oh, that sounds fun. But what I mean is that you need to engage your customers by sharing information that they want to know. What you are known for? Write about it! What you thinking of changing? Ask about it. Get in the minds of your customers and write for them.

3) Listen. Ask your customers what they like. Measure how they respond to you. Figure out the best way to talk to your customers.

Interested in an example? Read this post about two St. Paul restaurants and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Interested in learning more?

Then come on down to CoCo on Saturday and talk to me about your business.

Here’s the registration link, it’s Free!

P.S. What’s a Bar Camp you might ask, go here to read all about it. Want to know what people think, right now? Click here for the Twitter feed!

2 thoughts on “Update on @UnSummit “Integrate, Provide, Listen.” (an alternative, “unconference,” not unlike a BarCamp)

  1. I was just checking the UnSummit website and saw that you’re leading a group! I so want to go but am busy that day (getting a massage then going to the pool..rough day). Have fun!

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