Do We Have to Eat That…?

Carrots, Kids and Dinner

Oops. During our heatwave last weekend, I dug up the carrots I’d planted in August. (I’d heard that leaving them in the ground post-frost made them sweeter, so maybe I really didn’t forget them.) Of course, I didn’t bring them in on Sunday, either. And it snowed.


With the fridge nearly empty, I dug some herbs out of the snow and found the mound of carrots. Frozen, muddy, misshapen; they were never going to star on Pinterest.

I put dinner in the oven (quiche) and attacked the carrots. There’s something very relaxing about chopping veggies with music you love blasting from the other room. That is until your fiercest critics express themselves.

Um, what’s for dinner?

What are those?

Do we have to eat that?!

The quiche didn’t look to bad after that.

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