Lovin’ Twitter

Twitter evolves into “the road less traveled. (Not to be confused with “the road not taken.”)?

I tweeted. A lot. As in right now (and 2010).

Trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are.

Quand même!


I’m not looking for conversation (although if it were to occur I’d be pleased.)

I’ve got something to say and it’s the best publishing platform to fulfill my goals.

It remains an interesting and —-often—accurate source of information —assuming you both value and can identify truthful and reliable sources. On Twitter, I can quickly and easily peruse the latest #parkinsonsdisease news for instance or anything from the good doctor @DrJenGunther.

The Beauty of Constraint

I’ve always enjoyed the forced brevity of a Tweet. Although essays (guilty) outnumber brevity, now. There is nothing that forces creativity and innovation like limits, edges and constraints. Need proof? Try and share your favorite story on Twitter, in five tweets or less including all the nuance and charm it possessed in longform.

Although, Twitter resembles a rambling high school essay (and this sentence) now vs. its elegant and simple past (Breathe), it remains an effective method to improve writing. As in “The brevity of a Tweet cuts the bloat from student writing despite Musk’s changes.”

Twitter is entertaining , gritty and honest in a-behind-the-circus-tent kind of way. Pretty? Definitely not.

Sharing a new voice

On Twitter, I freely use a voice very few have heard. Professionally, my voice complements the culture I’ve chosen to inhabit. I spoke my best English at Northwest Airlines because my colleagues in Building A were from everywhere but here. Striking slang and Minnesota’s infamous sing-song cadence made me easy to understand, to work with, and fun to be around (I knew all the clubs, bands, restaurants).

Words are power

Now I say, step off that road paved with the proven tactics and foundation of success. And bravely go where every strategically curated #personalbrand loathes to tread. One decision-two, three decisions-four is not unlike,

A word after a word is power

Margaret Atwood

You may be surprised by what you hear on Twitter. It’s not unlike what my eldest son learned as we drove to his cousin’s wedding in NY.

Quand même!

No guarantee you will enjoy this Adventure, but the stories you will tell.


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