On Saturday, Jim, the girls and I will be riding to raise funds and awareness with the Parkinson’s Foundation. 

I’m challenging myself to finish the ride to improve care for those living with Parkinson’s — LIKE ME! and find a cure (or stop it from progressing.

This disease really sucks. 

Today I became a human pincushion. Jim held my hand as Good Doctor Pain injected Botox into 14 extremely tight muscles–that never relax. One even has its own name Darth Vader Levator, it’s so nasty.

But I want a cure. Every 10 weeks (and sometimes sooner) those muscles reform into painful contractions called Dystonia. My Beloved Botox treats the symptom not the cause. The only thing that we can do to slow down our disease is exercise hard.

Thanks to the Parkinson’s Foundation, research like the need for intense cardio five times per week gets to me, my doctors, and my one million fellow Americans. They use donations to help me in my daily life and find a cure (soon, please!).

Every dollar counts, thank you for your support! 

Merci apportez votre soutien à cet événement. Chaque don compte, peu importe le montant.

Sara et famille

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