A few weeks ago I accidentally hosted an art party. All my jewelry making supplies were on the dining room table. so I grabbed my phone and started texting. In short order, my house was full and creative ideas were flowing. I even had time to make some earrings!

I can’t wait for the next art party

If you’re intrigued, click on the link below and fill out my interest form.

I’m gathering ideas (& data) regarding what an art party would look like, where it might me and how informal (or posh) you would like it to be.

Do you want to make art & have fun at the same time?

Click here for a survey 

  • Tell me what you would like to do an art party
  • Then tell who you are so I can invite you to the first one!

If you have questions,comment on post, or send me an email at Sara@tousmn.com

What kind of art will we make?

That depends on what you’re interested in. Click through the slideshow below to see some of my favorite projects with a little backstory on each of them. The array of media is diverse, with a common denominator of exuberant color.

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