Sara Noreau et famille

About me

My name is Sara Noreau Kerr. I make things….art, food, and certainly trouble. I used to have mad math skills, but Parkinson’s (and DBS) have whittled them away.


I know way too much about Parkinson’s disease. Since I was younger than 50 when it attacked me after a car accident, I have early onset Parkinson’s. It sucks but none of us live forever. I tried to look on the bright side of the instead of dwelling on what I cannot do (which unfortunately includes writing by hand.) I’m very grateful that I have an amazing family to support me and entertain my whims which have included, while with Parkinson’s trying to design a bathroom vanity based on a Sea turtle. While it’s still not done it will be with the help of people to act as my hands be complete in April.

What You Do

LI volunteer! Also working is out of the question. And thankfully I am on disability because none of the Parkinson’s meds are very affective with my version of the Disease.

What Drives Me

  • Joan Mitchell organized the famous “Ninth Street Show” and created paintings that call for the language of music—lyrical lines, exuberant colors and staccato nôtres.
  • Elaine De Koonig’s work is ebullient and evocative. It uplifts my mood.
  • George Morrison’s wood “quilts” and gorgeous color in his paintings inspire me daily.
  • Lee Kramer’s blows Pollock out of the water.
  • Mark Rothko was a sublime painter And ingenious Art Teacher.
  • Trees, flowers, color, gardens, books, rescuing animals and cooking