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When I “shop local,” I don’t consult the web first. When I “shop big,” I always do.

In April I bought a new fridge at Menards on University at Prior. It was deeply discounted, but even though I knew it was a good price, I scanned the bar code with my Red Laser app to see if that was “the best price.”

Sellers today must be prepared for savvy shoppers whose buyer behavior evolves parallel to technology. The easiest method is to apply the technology based buyer behaviors in reverse and develop policies and training to meet buyer needs.

My iPhone gives me that Zero Moment of Truth. What’s yours? When do you have one? When do you not? How does technology fit in?

Did you know that Google published a free e-book on ZMOT? You can download it here.

Below is the video with a snippet from my old marketing professor, Mark Addicks from General Mills when he taught at the University of St. Thomas. He always told us, “Marketing is not coupons.”

I include this video, not because General Mills is in my backyard, but for two reasons 1)  I’m teaching Buyer Behavior and Marketing Research this fall and 2) it demonstrates the viral nature of social media and its intersection with buying and selling.


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