Sara Noreau et famille

About me

My name is Sara Noreau Kerr. I make things….art, food, and certainly trouble. There is a huge list of things I used to do before Parkinson’s. So let’s not dwell on that.


I know way too much about Parkinson’s disease. I have early onset Parkinson’s which gives me more time than your average Parkie to live with it. Yes, it sucks but none of us live forever. I spend my limited energy on what I can do vs. dwelling on what I cannot.

What You Do

I volunteer! Working is out of the question. And thankfully I am on disability because none of the Parkinson’s meds are very affective with my version of the Disease.

I’m very grateful that I have an amazing family that helps me dream beyond my physical limitations, which include,

  • Designing a bathroom vanity based on a sea turtle;
  • Creating a xeriscape yard with gravel, boulders, and drought-tolerant native plants;
  • Traveling. Let’s just say that it frightens me on many levels. However, I will not allow PD to sequester me at home worrying.
  • Planning adventures that accommodate my unpredictable mobility and my family’s interests;
  • Sharing and teaching when I can… my love of abstract expressionist art, sailing, vegetarian cuisine, marketing, and up-cycling.

What Drives Me

  • Joan Mitchell organized the famous “Ninth Street Show” and created paintings that call for the language of music—lyrical lines, exuberant colors and staccato nôtres.
  • Elaine De Koonig’s work is ebullient and evocative. It uplifts my mood.
  • George Morrison’s wood “quilts” and gorgeous color in his paintings inspire me daily.
  • Lee Kramer’s blows Pollock out of the water.
  • Mark Rothko was a sublime painter And ingenious Art Teacher.
  • Trees, flowers, color, gardens, books, rescuing animals and cooking