First Ave goes….modern?

Photo by Steve Cohen

It was hard enough to see an old haunt…remodeled (nice new bar upstairs), but then they painted over the stars. I have to admit, I much prefer it without the smoke of  my youth. I used to love going to concerts.

Used to…can’t miss the past tense of that verb. I’m a whole new demographic now — married with young children at home.

I love live music, so I’ve made it a goal to experience more now that I’m back in the music city. A goal! a goal? When did having fun become a goal? So how am I doing? One show in June, an old favorite the Jayhawks played 3 sold out nights at First Avenue. I’m not sure it was ‘transcendental,’ but it was close. One this week, again an old favorite that I once flew to Amsterdam just to see. I’m not being too adventurous here.

I’m in a rut. What’s on my iPod? The 90s and anything I played on college radio back in the day….plus a few new artists, like Adele. I listen to the Current and adore the “on now” feature that is front and center on their home page. I need it. Someone at MPR was thinking about what information their listeners (and contributors) would want. Just look down from there and boom! A button to contribute. MPR knows what they’re doing.

Sunday, I was driving down the road at 3:17 pm and this cool song came on the Current. I noted the time and checked the web (later, not while driving) to learn it was a new-to-me band Mumford & Sons who would play First Ave in October. Sold out (of course), but I will never miss a show again, First Ave has an (Apple) iCal link. I used to learn about shows via concert ads stapled on telephone poles all around Minneapolis (before it was illegal) or phone calls from friends who had heard from friends…about who was playing tonight. And now I’m part of their online community, though I’m not sure what that entails.

Poking around the Current’s website, I found their concert calendar. Bob Mould at the Dakota later this month. The Dakota! A lovely place, but really, isn’t he a First Ave kind of guy?

In case you missed the Jayhawks reunion, here’s a snippet:  

4 thoughts on “First Ave goes….modern?

  1. Ah, Mumford & Sons. If you run across tickets for sale, buy them. It will be worth it. We saw them in May and were completely blown away.

    Twitter is how I find out about a lot of the concerts we’ve been to – First Ave, Varsity Theater, and Turf Club all frequently announce their upcoming concerts via Twitter.

    And regarding Bob Mould playing at the Dakota, that’s interesting. They’ve had a few surprising shows in the last year or so and either they’re branching out from jazz or more musicians are playing jazz-influenced music than I thought.

  2. Mumford and Sons are amazing. If you like them you’d probably also like the Avett Brothers and Dawes. Those three are on my iPod now and we listened exclusively to their cd’s on our anniversary trip last month.

    In my other blog I talked about seeing a friend’s band play at First Avenue and how so much has changed in my life since the last time I was there, so I definitely understand that feeling as well.

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