Great tips from the Social Media Examiner once you’ve mastered easy social media tips,  such as just creating a Facebook page.

Click:  8 Hot Social Media Tips From Eight Industry Experts to read the full post compiled by Amy Porterfield.

My favorite tip?

#5: Meet people in real life

steve garfield“I’m from Boston and we used to have a huge user group here called the Boston Computer Society,” says Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.

2 responses to “Social Media: When you’ve done the easy stuff”

  1. Kathleen's Blogging Post Avatar

    Great tip!
    It’s also less threatening I think to meet people on Facebook/Twitter.

  2. aelyngstad Avatar

    This was extremely helpful! My favorite was: #3 Don’t over-focus on marketing – “All too often, businesses overlook the ’social’ part of the phrase social media marketing and jump straight into the ‘marketing’ part… to their detriment.” I have talked to a few other small businesses about social media marketing and they said it did not work. I think it was due to this though, it’s not just “build it and they will come”, content matters and updating is key.

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