Making Art with Social Media

I think I need to start making a list of items, services, pastimes, etc. that use social media to their benefit.

So far in this blog I have talked about:

  • Restaurants (
  • Dry Cleaners (
  • Music (
  • Plants (
Art with Citrasolve by Kelli Perkins

Now, let’s add Making Art to the list.

One of my favorite art blogs is written by Kelli Nina Perkins, it’s called Common Life into Art. Kelli makes the most amazing art out of…anything. Today’s post referenced the most amazing photo manipulation using the cleaner, Citrasolve. I’m tempted now to run out and buy some. It’s going to be warm enough today that I could dissolve ink to my heart’s content on my back porch.

How is this effective social media?

Kelli’s written a fabulous book, Stitch Alchemy : Combining Fabric and Paper for Mixed Media Art, that I never would have known about it except that somehow I stumbled across her blog.

When she writes another book, will I buy it? Of course, I’ll be first in line.

How’s that for advertising a niche publication?

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