What will draw people to http://goodgroundpress.com/? How can we make it the homepage of faithful Catholics everywhere? –or at least those that read English. What should it look like? What should be there? What do our fans want? What will be easy for my web manager to work with?

Where should we start?

ONE:  One of our missions at Good Ground Press is to present the Gospel as a mirror, so people can live it everyday–instead of just thinking about it for an hour on Sunday morning.

TWO:  I’m starting with some sites whose design and architecture I like. I don’t necessarily agree with the content or message, this is simply an exercise in analysis. I’m going to list, show, and explain them here. I’d like to know what you think as well.

New Spring Church

Why I like it?

  • The design is simple and catching. It’s not busy.
  • The photos are strong, simple, and also not busy.
  • The bright colors are eye-popping as well.
  • There is white space and the text is easy to read.
  • Navigation is clear and customer focused i.e. they use terms that likely visitors would use.
  • Lots of videos

What I don’t like is the tone — it’s too dark for me.Preview


Why I like it?

  • It grabs my attention.
  • It’s easy to read.
  • Branding is consistent through out.
  • The graphics support the text (we are fun).
  • Clear, consistent message
  • Headers reflect what visitors to the web would be seeking.

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