Crashed Ice and Crazy Skaters in St. Paul

At least, that’s my opinion. I don’t go down any hill fast, let alone an iced hill on skates.

There’s a great sense of something happening in the Saintly City. Of course, that’s what the Winter Carnival does, too, but this seems a bit more…fun, or at least it offers a fresh twist on winter events. I love the Winter Carnival, but it’s the classic city booster club for civic leaders. The Crashed Ice events are for my dare-devil brother and X Games fans. I’m ready for this intriguing event.

Come Thursday morning, I’m digging out my snow pants, boots, down mittens, winter coat, hat, and thermos for hot chocolate. Oh and my hand warmers too, now that winter has arrived. The local skaters take their first runs on the track Thursday morning. I cannot imagine the feeling of standing at the top of that track with skates on.

I hope it comes back next year. Perhaps this is a new winter tradition for St. Paul.

Be sure to visit city’s Official Crashed Ice page for parking and schedule information. There is no parking near the Cathedral, (but plenty of great bars and restaurants).

Don’t let the cold keep you away!

What do you think? Would you test your skating skills on this track?

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