Chickens in the City, Yes, You Can Cluck, Too!


Say hello to Chicken Dolly, Strawberry Sally, and Blackbird — My City Chickens. Dolly is an Ameraucana/ Easter Egger who lays blue-green eggs, Sally is a Rhode Island Red and Blackbird is grand Black Australorp with feathers that glisten greenly in the sun.

Are you surprised? Perhaps you’ve missed the latest craze of urban farming and backyard chickens–St. Paul hasn’t. We’ve got well-defined chicken-keeping laws and the best poultry supply store in town. If you’re curious about raising your own compost-producing beauties, take a class at Eggplant Urban Farm Supply or simply stop in later this week to pet a fluffy little chick.

For a glimpse city chickens in the winter, visit or cluck with the girls on Twitter. They occasionally star in the photos of local photographer and realtor, Teresa Boardman. Her pictures are always better than mine, but I’m learning a lot taking photos everyday for Project 365.

Local Information: 

The Ultimate Chicken Store:  Eggplant Urban Farm Supply

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