Social Media in Radio

Social Media in Radio

Last week Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis-St. Paul explored how social media brings new listeners to broadcast radio. Jenny Huschka (@PrincessSushi) interviewed Clear Chanel radio personalities learning how they use social media, what they like (#Twitter) and don’t (#Facebook).

  1. #SMBMSP organizers and the Clear Channel panel.

  2. #smbmsp56 today – thanks for having us & thx to our moderator @PrincessSushi & @smbmsp team! I had a great time!
  3. “@StKateMBA The @1013KDWB radio personalities are very social media savvy from a biz perspective #smbmsp56 and #authentic” Thank you!
  4. “Terrestrial radio will always be around” @DarknessRadio #smbmsp56

    Until we have 100% Internet access, anyway.

  5. Social Channels

  6. Podcasting and social parallel: they are both the keys to the kingdom. Use them to build credibility, sell elsewhere #serioustweet #smbmsp56
  7. Social Practices

  8. #smbmsp56 zif Facebook is on the way out, what’s taking its place?
  9. @smbmsp what’s our panelists policy on blocking people? Do it or not? #smbmsp56
  10. “@caitlinmscanlon: One might even argue that social media is where Everyone needs to be, not just radio. #smbmsp56” Exactly
  11. Gets all his news from twitter. @DarknessRadio from the #smbmsp56 panel. How else can get the newest news?
  12. “Say it, forget it; write it, regret it.” Good advice from @DaveRyanKDWB #SMBMSP56
  13. How do you react to something that has blown out of proportion on your Facebook page? Do you discuss it on air? #smbmsp56
  14. If someone is mean to you on Twitter, simply retweet them and let the magic of Twitter take over. @DarknessRadio #smbmsp56
  15. Props to @millsfleetfarm for following @daveryankdwb on twitter – he gave you a shout out at #smbmsp56 today!
  16. How to measure your analytics as a radio personality. Why not follow 5,000 accounts? #smbmsp56
  17. @darknessradio does suicide prevention tweets – “important to let people know you are human.” #smbmsp56
  18. “That was cool… But what GOOD did it do us?” The question that haunts all in social media. #smbmsp56
  19. Twitter allows you to see NOW what matters to people–but what good does it do for the bottom line? #smbmsp56
  20. Best comment from @DarknessRadio “Hey! They get it” re companies respond quickly via Twitter #smbmsp56
  21. 1. Retweet everything. 2. All the radio personalities do their own tweets. #smbmsp56
  22. Twitter is an engaging format for Q & A on the radio #smbmsp56
  23. “@caitlinmscanlon: “I feel less annoying on Twitter.” Wise words from @falenkdwb #smbmsp56”haha:):)
  24. Questions

  25. I think that’s still a legal grey area. “Who owns your twitter feed branded with employer info?” #smbmsp56
  26. St. Kate’s MBA (@StKateMBA) Sponsors Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis-St. Paul (@SMBMSP)

  27. Like #bacon on a BLT sandwich, an MBA is an integral ingredient to business success.
    #StKatesMeansBusiness #SMBMSP56
  28. .@stkate MBA Grads combine the best new media training with the financial acumen to make smart decisions. #StKatesMeansBusiness #SMBMSP56
  29. “@StKateMBA: Delighted to introduce #SMBMSP56 to the New @stkate MBA today.”

    Say Hello! I’m in a sunny yellow suit

  30. The @stkate MBA is honored to sponsor @smbmsp! What a great group of people! See you soon. #StKatesMeansBusiness #SMBMSP56

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