Musings, Perceptions, and Changes: Chickens and MGs

I had lunch with a really smart friend last week. We covered many professional subjects and then branched into the thoughts bouncing around in our heads. Both of us are known for something we are care about and both of us wonder if that’s how we want to be known.

She mentioned that she purposely only writes about her known topic every 4th or 5th blog post. I suggested that I might explore another career path. She suggested farming. I was aghast! Me! the city women who bikes to work in skirts?! Whose favorite city is Paris (and not the one in Texas).

Actually, it was an obvious idea. I have 10 times more followers to my daily chicken photo blog than to anything I write on teaching, marketing, or social media. It’s an unusual occupation for a marketing and sales professor, but then that was actually the point.

IMG_0201 As a marketer, it was obvious last January that there were too many chicken blogs (almost 16m).

Digital storytelling vs simply blogging matters now.

But as many know, our digital lives lack emotion, imperfection,  and romance. (See Embracing Analog: Why Physical is Hot) We embrace the imperfect, buying vinyl records, atomic ranch homes, and anything handmade.

Backyard chickens were my analog. Trust me when I say they often smell.

The birds were the perfect antidote to Klout scores, bounce rates, and the general quantification of our digital lives.

But I’m bored.

The Daily Chicken is thrice weekly if I’m lucky.

Now I’m on to MGs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which do you think I’ll pick?

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