I had intended to write about how much I love persimmons. How you can buy two kinds in Minnesota, the mushy ones, and the firm ones. They’re gorgeous. I love the color, the texture, and how sweet they are. The mushy ones (Hachiya) are particularly good smashed on toast. But if you’re impatient like me, buy the Fuyu, which can be eaten firm–almost like an apple.

But I forgot this particular piece of fruit on the buffet. And now it’s very much less than perfect, just like the kumquat, book and chipped plate it’s with. I’ll still eat it because I hate food waste. And while not photoshoot ready, it’ll still taste good. If I’m wrong and it’s truly horrible, it’ll be a nice snack for my chickens.

Eat it anyway

The sign on my local bus states Americans waste 40% of their food. I’m pretty sure that refers to the food we let rot in our refrigerators and pantries and excludes the ugly fruit and vegetables that no one wants to buy.

I’ll think on that when I buy groceries today.

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