Enchanted Broccoli Forest

Julia Child, Crescent Dragonwagon and Betty Crocker

I bought junk food today: pizza rolls, frozen pizza and hot dogs with white buns. Other than the occasional can of refried beans and tortilla chips, I’m a real food person. I like peeling oranges and snapping beans. But this week, I’ll miss three dinners, which is unusual even with my crazy schedule. Yes, there are veggies in the freezer and Cuties in the fridge, but I doubted my people would think to go there. And I’m tired. I’m just not in the mood to leave instructions and prep ingredients.

Expect More

Pasta with Marinara, mixed veg in cheese sauce; dinner was basic. Of all the things I’ve made recently, they loved the cheesy mixed veggies–not the fluffy quiche or squash tangine. Nope, it was the Birdseye box lost in the freezer that appealed.

“Of course,” says the cookbook collector, “making a cheese sauce is easy. There’s broccoli in the fridge. You can make it for dinner this week.”


Faster than you can say “ice cream,” they popped up and each grabbed a cookbook. Obviously, Julia Child, Crescent Dragonwagon and Betty Crocker would give them direction. However, this was not the time to explain the basics of a béchamel sauce.

Tête de Veau

“People eat brains?!”

Maybe the next time they sniff at riced cauliflower and sausage, I’ll threaten them with Julia Child! Actually, we had a lovely conversation about many of the things I have cooked that they ate, remembered and requested.

Remember that time you made bœuf bourguignon?

What was the enchanted broccoli forest, again?

Hey look! It’s a hand-written recipe for biscotti! Are we making pizzelle tonight?

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