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And two more I just found with insert-your-favorite-adjective photos:


Dear everyone I’ve ever known. See you tonight at the Replacements!

— Steve Nelson (@stevenelsonmn) September 13, 2014


A Westerberg @StPaulSaints jersey?! Take my money, please. 💰 #MatsMidway

— Brett Baldwin (@brettish) September 14, 2014


I saw the replacements!! I saw @TheReplacements !!

— Samm (@velvethursday) September 14, 2014


Alex Chilton: 1st Mats song I ever heard. It was ’87. I was 13. I’M DYING! #iminlovewhatsthatsong

— Jacquie Fuller (@JacquieFuller) September 14, 2014


There are exactly 4 Portapotties outside Midway for the Replacements concert.

— Maria Reeve (@mdougreeve) September 13, 2014


I’m going to predict that tonight I will see more adult men simultaneously cry then at any point in my life. @TheReplacements

— jmcgnn (@jmcgnn) September 13, 2014


Panoramats. #MatsMidwaypic.twitter.com/OUNT4QWHvy

— C. Riemenschneider (@ChrisRstrib) September 14, 2014


I still get to see “Transmissions” Flaming Lips & J Roddy Walston over next 2 nights. Maybe I should’ve skipped last night & rested up.

— C. Riemenschneider (@ChrisRstrib) September 14, 2014


Me: “Why am I not as crazy for The Replacements as others?” Wife: “They didn’t burrow under your skin when you were 16 to stay forever.”

— John Moe (@johnmoe) September 14, 2014


The 1-2 punch of Androgynous into I Will Dare was such a happy-dance moment. @TheReplacements#MatsMidway

— Ali Lozoff (@AliLozoff) September 14, 2014


Allowed: Waxed-up hair, painted shoes. Disallowed: coolers, trouble. More ins and outs of tonight’s #MatsMidway show: http://t.co/tfDAaUYTlz

— TheCurrent (@TheCurrent) September 13, 2014


This photo is at least 60% male pattern baldness. #thereplacementspic.twitter.com/FTFQ3mMam6

— Tambre Massman (@TamboMcambo) September 1, 2014


As a public service, you have until noon CDT to get the Replacements tweets out of your system. After that, you will be answered w/cat pics.

— Uriah Deep (@SteveWalsh3) September 14, 2014


The over/under for instances of spontaneous human combustion at tonight’s @TheReplacements show is four. Bet the over.

— Dominick Washington (@dawashington) September 13, 2014


They hugged. They left. #TheReplacements

— Sara Kerr (@Saralitta) September 14, 2014


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Okay that’s what I should be doing — 3 down and 1 that’s almost perfect. But I needed a screen break, so I’m sharing my acting debut with you.

I hope you watch it. As videos go it’s a little long at 2 minutes 15 seconds….but it showcases the humor and passion of some of my amazing colleagues:

“Poundsign Get Back to Work” —  Provost, Dr. Colleen Hegranes

“Hashtag Do you have time to chat?” —  COO, Dr. Brian Bruess

“Hashtag Great Minnesota Get Together” —  Vice President, Bea Abdallah

“Hashtag Wiggity Wiggity Wildcats ” —  Athletic Director, Eric Stacey

“Hashtag Sassy Lassie Trivia” — Associate Director of Student Activities, Brigette Marty

Kudos to the St. Kate’s MarComm team for the idea and making back to school hashtag fun.

My acting debut:  376 views


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Really, these go together. Just watch this video about the economics of local shopping and you’ll understand the connection.

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If you like to golf, there are almost too many options in St. Paul. In fact, last year MinnPost reported that the city is trying to figure out what to do with all the city courses because they’re no longer profitable (learn more about urban golf course decline here).

  • Are kids too busy?
  • Does it take too long to learn?
  • Is it too expensive?
  • Doesn’t anyone golf anymore?

Family golf scheduleRegardless of the reason, the Saintly City is looking to grow their own future players with a number of programs.

The newest is their Sunday night “Family Fun Golf” where kids golf pay nothing and an adult plays for only $10. Children must be 7 years old and you can only make reservations 2 weeks in advance. Part of me thinks these will fill up fast–it’s a great deal and low-pressure atmosphere for kids. With extra short tees and lots of kids on the course there shouldn’t be anyone demanding to play through.

Golf lesson

First Tee, a national golf non-profit, provides lessons and junior leagues through the local St. Paul branch and in cooperation with St. Paul Parks and Recreation. For only $30 young kids can learn to chip, putt, and drive in twice-a-week two-week series of lessons.

Better players, or at least, passionate ones can play in a weekly Monday morning league (5 or 9 holes), including one just for girls.

How do I know about this? I’m on the email list.

We need a summer activities fair.

But what if you’re a new parent whose child is ready to move up beyond plastic golf clubs?

How do parents learn of programs for their kids? Is it all word-of-mouth and Google searches? We’ve got a Home Improvement Fair in Highland Park, why not a summer activities fair–in February when we’re all dreaming of warm summer breezes?

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“Integrated Marketing Communications?–What does that mean?” The easiest way to explain this to first year students is to show them first and then present the theory and terminology. Last fall I introduced class with (Re)Think, a Canadian breast cancer charity. The group’s work impressed me, but my students–the target market–were underwhelmed. Recently I chatted with my friend Melissa Berggren about (Re)Think videos. I think we both agree that they convey an important message, but now I’m curious about their segmentation strategies.

Does this campaign miss the target market (young women under 40)?

What does “young” mean? I’m over 40 and inured to pink ribbons and races for the cure, so I like (Re)Think’s approach.

What do YOU think?

Reblogged from the (private) class blog for Integrated Marketing Communications at St. Catherine University

The problem:  Women (and men) get breast cancer. Everyone should check their breasts regularly–but they don’t.

Creative concept:

We are the young women’s breast cancer movement.

Launched in 2001, Rethink is the first-ever, Canadian breast cancer charity to bring bold, relevant awareness to the under-40 crowd; foster a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters; infuse sass and style into the cause; and, most importantly, respond to the unique needs of young (or youngish) women going through it.

No pink ribbons required.

How We (Re)think

Adios fear-based campaigns and blanket support programs. We think young people deserve their own breast cancer movement.

Select Media: 

Website : rethinkbreastcancer.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/RethinkBreastCancer


Twitter:  @rethinktweet

Mobile App:  Your Man Reminder rethink app

Video Example:

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The view from St. Paul–specifically St. Catherine University looks a lot like this today. Although I wish the sidewalks around the neighborhood were as clean as the ones in Teresa Boardman‘s photo below–I trudged through a lot of deep snow to get to campus.5293171188_af3aaa55fc

Minnesotans seem to be natural innovators who can spend an hour talking about the weather while coming up with new ways to enjoy it. Social media give us that power, too. If you’re reading this blog, you already know that social media gives voice to small businesses in a crowded media landscape. The secret is not being everywhere, but being different–making yourself stand out where your customers are.

Two years ago we had a glorious December blizzard in St. Paul that dumped about a foot of snow and effectively shut down the city for the day. I wrote about the Groveland Tap’s half price offer and praised their marketing. They were open and their target market mostly lived within a 2-mile radius. How could they make people want to brave the weather and savor a Summit and a Juicy Lucy? I wish I had a picture of all the skis and snowshoes lined up against the building that day. This kind of nimbleness requires leadership AND a sense of humor. Just think about the great Oreo (slam) dunk on Twitter during the Superbowl.

UPDATE  9:15 pm:  And while you’re thinking about the snow in your neighborhood, you could take Scusi up on their offer posted on Facebook around 8 pm!

Facebook offer from Scusi Wine Bar

Facebook offer from Scusi Wine Bar

Are you enjoying today’s snow?

What’s happening in your neighborhood?

What are your favorite businesses doing to make you want to stop by?

What could they do?

How could they use social media?

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Click on the photo to register!

My Presentation Notes:

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