Scanning Twitter this evening I came across a powerful Tweet from an old friend in North Carolina, professor Jacqueline Olich. She simply passed on the Tweet from someone else, which as you know, is the power of Twitter. Struck by this simple hashtag, #WhyIVote, I decided to Storify it with the best Tweets I could find.

  1. jmolich
    RT @rcturk: Because some incredibly brave women fought for almost a century so I could. #WhyIVote
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 15:57:31
  2. KathleenInCLE
    Wow! My #WhyIVote tweet was just on the @MHarrisPerry Show. #GOTV @msnbc
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 09:05:57
  3. dmcrawford
    I’m headed to vote for @BarackObama because I believe that LGBT people should be equal under the law. #Obama2012 #whyivote
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 11:47:52
  4. TheShadowsMoon
    I vote because I want my voice heard to help shape my country’s future. #WhyIVote
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 16:01:57
  5. Obama2012
    “If you work hard, you can make it here in America. That’s what we’re fighting for. That’s why I’m asking for your vote.”—President Obama
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 13:37:42
  6. letat_lechat
    #WhyIVote People died so that I could be free. How could I not?
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 10:30:21
  7. emcarter2013
    #WhyIVote because its a freedom I’ve been blessed with…along with the blessing of being born into America.
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 09:59:46
  8. Aaron41873000
    #whyivote I vote because it’s the one thing that makes us all equal.
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 11:07:49
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 08:59:10
  10. Donna_West
    #whyIvote It’s my right. It’s my voice. It’s my responsibility. It matters. It counts. #nerdland
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 10:46:08
  11. emlarrim
    I vote because my fore-mothers fought long and hard for women to have the right! #whyivote
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 12:05:31
  12. RichardBuangan
    When Obama was elected in 2008, one of my Chinese friends wondered if China could someday elect a Tibetan or Uyghur as president. #whyivote
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 13:59:16
  13. ShadowBard
    #WhyIVote: Because people; Black ppl, White ppl, DIED so that I could cost my ballot!!
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 12:59:16
  14. UnshackleUS
    #WhyIVote Democracy’s the great equalizer. My VOTE is a voice that helps level a political playing field where WEALTH generally wields POWER
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 14:42:17
  15. slomoshun1966
    @MHarrisPerry @mhpshow My Great uncles Clyde, KIA Germany WW2 & Herschel, KIA Korea. No greater love. #whyivote
    Thu, Nov 01 2012 13:27:34
  16. Waksik
    Because my great grandparents were not considered citizens even tho they were all native americans and born in raised in the USA #whyivote
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 14:47:25
  17. And a couple of funny thoughts…

  18. CaptainRicks
    how about once you vote, you get to be exempt from further campaign ads? There would be record numbers of early voting!
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 16:21:26
  19. DangitNapoleon
    #WhyIVote cause my boy Pedro is running
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 09:10:47
  20. Ptolemy_k
    #WhyIVote…Because “Mitt” rhymes with “full of shit”.
    Sun, Nov 04 2012 09:57:47

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