Feather Reed Grass, Calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Avalanche'

Like most people, when I see something I like on Facebook, I press the “like” button. I must have run across the Friends School of Minnesota Plant Sale group on a friend’s profile, followed the link, and liked it, too.

This morning I received a message from Pat Thompson, a plant sale organizer, wanting to know what kind of plants I’d like to see at the sale. I’m emphasizing the “I” because I’m really only one of many Minnesotans who’ve joined the Plant Sale Facebook Group, but the message felt so personal. That’s one of the beauties of social media marketing–you can communicate directly with your customers and engage them.

Bee Balm (Monarda ‘Raspberry Wine’)

I was not thinking about buying plants this morning when I logged on to Facebook. I just bought a cute house with a tiny garden that’s already landscaped. I’ve still got loads of boxes to unpack! Suddenly, I was thinking about tearing out the beautiful, but toxic Foxglove (Digitalis) from my garden and planting sweet potato vines to cascade from my window boxes.

Of course I replied!

What impressed me most was not that they have a Facebook page, a great website, or a frequently updated blog.  I’m impressed because the organizers are reaching out via the web–about a garden event 7 months away–just as all of Minnesota is putting their gardens to rest. And it’s working.

More later on their fabulous website.

3 responses to “Friends School Plant Sale Finds me on Facebook”

  1. Angeleen Avatar

    That is such a wonderful idea. I am starting to think that customers are expecting more personalization. I wonder if that is because it cuts out the ‘clutter’ of the mass ad noise?

  2. […] (at least Wisconsin won on the plate), a look at Madison’s new Tempest Oyster Bar, the organizational moxie of the Friends School Plant Sale never ceases to amaze, and a job description and application for the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers […]

  3. plengelmann Avatar

    I absolutely love the Friends School Plant sale! I have been going for many years. They have a great selection of flowers, plants and veggies. The many volunteers they have helping out at their sales every year are always so friendly and helpful, so I’m not surprised that they have a great marketing department! I was so impressed with the sale so much that I sent my son to a summer camp at the Friends School a few years ago and of course, it was a great camp.

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