CHICAGO ( — The number 13 is often said to be bad luck. But not for a group of interns chosen by Campbell Mithun, Minneapolis, which announced today it will hire its group of summer 2011 interns based on an application consisting of 13 tweets sent between Feb. 13 and Feb. 25.

I love that Cambell Mithun will choose their Minneapolis summer interns based on a series of 13 Tweets. How better for students to not only show what they know, but to do it in the process of getting a job.

One response to “13 Tweets”

  1. aelyngstad Avatar

    I love the creativity! It scares me to think that this might be the way the future is moving. I think it’s important for individuals who will be using social media for marketing as a profession to prove that they can use it to market themselves. I wonder what criteria they will use to judge the tweets.

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