I LOVE this ad. Probably my favorite from the game (so far…there are 10 minutes of play left).

Do YOU like it? What makes it great? I have my opinion, but I’d like to hear yours.

4 responses to “Darth Passat”

  1. aelyngstad Avatar

    I loved this and the VW Beetle commercial as well. I thought they positioned VW very well. They were sylistically very different than the other car commercials. Plus, as a parent it tugged at my heart strings. I can imagine what the parent feels at being able to help “Darth”. This was a very unique way of showing the really cool technology of the Passat!

    1. Sara Kerr Avatar

      You picked up on something really key:

      “This was a very unique way of showing the really cool technology of the Passat!”

      The showing, or making it “real” to viewers.

  2. Heather Robinson Avatar
    Heather Robinson

    This commercial was fun-loving and playful. It positions the target market as sophisticated (working professional), responsible (parent) and mischevious (he’s still a little kid at heart himself) simultaneously. Clever. And a VW helps both (dad and mom, as she is also acknowledged) fulfill all of their many overlapping realites.

    1. Sara Kerr Avatar

      Great analysis. What makes this ad so fantastic to me, is the father’s expression at the end.

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