Blogging:  How to find a topic

I can add blogging to the list of assignments my students don’t like.

In chatting with one recently, she commented that she had no idea what to write about. This was just after we’d spent 5 minutes discussing how poor packaging made purchasing difficult. Always the teacher, I said “Bingo!” that’s a blog post!

So for anyone not sure about what to write this week, here’s your challenge. Take whatever’s on your mind and find its marketing. Write about that.

Everything has marketing, whether intended or not.

Driving down a two-lane highway in Southeast Minnesota. You see in the distance an orange reflective triangle on something dark. Who is it? Either a farmer on a tractor or an Amish group driving a horse-drawn buggy. The symbol is for slow-moving vehicles, but in Minnesota (and many other places), it has a cultural dimension, as well. The symbol communicates to drivers who lives in that area and a little bit about what their life is about.

How is that different really from well-designed food labels in my local co-op that tell me all the green produce signs signify organic produce and all the orange ones, conventionally raised foods?

Why is this marketing?

The science of sound, of course. The musical stairs at the Science Museum of Minnesota are fun. They are also an easy introduction to wave experiments in the Experiment Gallery — 10,000 square feet devoted to technology and physical sciences. They know that kids don’t get excited about science from a text-book, but from doing science. Their mission, after all, is “Turn on the science: realizing the potential of policy makers, educators, and individuals to achieve full civic and economic participation in the world.”

2 responses to ““Bingo!” That’s a Blog Post!”

  1. Kathleen Avatar

    My .02!
    I think the issue with blogging goes deeper then finding something to talk about for most.
    I think we live in a society where everyone has opinions about everything and frankly people are getting tired of listening to people’s opinions about everything.
    When it comes to topics for blogs, I think people want to write about something that will add value to their audiences life, profession or bothand that’s where the difficulty lies.

  2. Sara Geneva Noreau Kerr Avatar


    But sometimes we just need to pointed in the right direction. For me, I’m a big advocate of STEM, which at St. Kate’s is:

    “STEM — short for science, technology, engineering and mathematics — is a national movement to grow and nurture creative students who are problem solvers, innovators, inventors, logical thinkers, and strong oral and written communicators. STEM education is rooted in an active, hands-on inquiry and design process.”

    The SMM plays right into that. More women, more girls are needed in STEM fields.

    Thus the Musical Stairs are jumping off spot for that.

    On the other hand the packaging discussion had to do with organic, grass-fed, hormone free and all those derivations of milk purchasing for children. That could be the start of a blog dedicated to making the best decisions on feeding a child in our poly-chemical world.

    But milk packaging is a whole lot easier to contemplate writing about then a parenting in this world blog, don’t you think?

    You have to start somewhere and sometimes that’s the hardest part.

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