What does Sustainability in Business mean to YOU?

The St. Catherine University School of Business and Leadership defines itself by Dean, Paula King with four cornerstones:

Sustainability: in our work and our ethics, for our planet

Innovative Spirit

Global Justice and Global Mindset

Preparing students who are practice-ready

I asked my Principles of Marketing students the following question on their final exam. Here’s your chance to answer it, too:

What does Sustainability in Business mean to YOU?

Here are some of their answers. Any wonder why St. Kate’s turns out so many business leaders?

Sustainability in Business to me means: Progressive, Resourceful, and Measurable Commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices. To continue to develop and share with other business, communities, and individuals the environmental and social practices, technologies, resources, and advancements that serve the short and long term benefits of our world. — Emma Palmer

To me, it means running a business (whether it’s for profit or nonprofit) not just based on financial performance but with a broader set of goals.  It’s not all about the bottom line.  It’s about doing business according to financial, environmental and social returns.  It’s about adopting to change in perspective, looking at the long term and looking at different sets of criterias; it’s a continuation of a process. — Mailee SinghathipUnderstanding the consumer’s needs, wants, and demands to provide the best product/service now and in the future. I think it means businesses should really understand their market and fuse a healthy relationship with consumers. The better understanding businesses have, the better their future growth will be which will make them sustainable through the years. — Kimberly Harwood

It means having a view to the future and becoming a part of creating a sustainable world through business. Business carries the world forward and I see myself as well as St. Kate’s as looking, seeing, creating and planning towards making a global impact. The four pillars or cornerstones of St. Kate’s are values that I hold and why I chose St. Kate’s as my learning institution. It provides the kind of education, which will aid in my success as being a leader in business. St. Kate’s has built itself not only as a place for women to be educated but to also become leaders. It has proven its view toward sustainability by devoting itself to the Weekend College program. Women outside of the traditional college age now have a successful system to acquire a degree(s) and become successful leaders. – Kelly Källi

2 thoughts on “What does Sustainability in Business mean to YOU?

  1. Sustainability in Business (to me) means being able persevere during the “eb and flow” of the economy. It means to remain strong, accept change and continue even when times are tough. Brands like: Nike, Sony and Microsoft are sustaining business models.
    I think St. Kates WEC students have sustainabiity. Through financial, family and job change/challenges they persevere towards their goal. Maintaining their focus to”keep on, keeping on.”

  2. Sustainability in business (to me) means being able to persevere! Through change, financial difficulties or a catastrophic event the business maintains its course.
    Brands like: Nike and Microsoft come to mind when I think about sustainability.

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