My Twitterview and Love of St. Paul

Monday, I was Twitterviewed by Joel Carlson – a cool social media strategist here in the Twin Towns. I don’t interview well, but I think Twitter is a better medium then phone for me. I still haven’t figured out how talk with my hands in either media.

My point, though, is how much I talked about St. Paul (and Minneapolis, because I do go play there, I just don’t live there.)

I will live here forever, or at least until someone gives me a vineyard in Burgundy or maybe Barolo.

So here’s a new occasional series:  Why I Love St. Paul

(I’m a bit behind with University Ave and my Big One Mile, but I promise to catch up)

Reason #1

The St Paul Farmer’s Market

I blogged about the foodstuff here, so I’ll show you some of the incredible flowers here….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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