Come Learn Social Media with Me…in a Bar!

Welcome to Pub School, a new venture with local writer and social media strategist, Erik Hare.

Here’s what you get from a Pub School Social Media Workshop:

A finished communication plan worked out for your unique business.
Practical, working knowledge of social media tools.
Methods for evaluating social media away from the trends and hype.

How do we do all that? Here’s how:

A social “brainstorming” system
Active participation
Proven methods and practical examples
A relaxed pub location
Coaching rather lecturing

Plus – PubSchool is a 100% PowerPoint Free Zone.

Interested? Curious? Click here to learn more.

And Tell Your Friends!

Did I mention that the 3-part series is only $75? You can attend 1 for only $30! We’re meeting at Merlins Rest in Minneapolis and The Happy Gnome in St. Paul.

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