November 26th is Small Business Saturday: Shop EggPlant Urban Farm Supply and 11 others

Saturday, November 26th is Small Business Saturday.

I’d never heard of this fabulous idea until I read my e-newsletter from Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply. Let’s skip Wal-Mart’s 10 pm Black Friday opening on Thursday and shop local, instead.

A dozen days, a dozen shops a day. Everyday between now and November 26th, I’ll feature small businesses that I think you should checkout. I have to admit that as much as I love the Twin Cities, I don’t know every neighborhood as much as I’d like. Please suggest some shops in the comment section.

The Daily Dozen for Tuesday, November 14th

Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply How could I not begin with Audrey and Bob? I love this store. I come in monthly or so when I’m low on chicken feed, have a question, or just need a gift. Some of my favorite products include retro gardening postcards and posters, Weck canning jars, and the super-cute and durable kids’ gardening tools. They are located just south of 94 on Selby avenue between Fairview and Snelling.

St. Patrick’s Guild If you’ve ever been to Rome, you can’t help but notice the plethora of shops that sell priestly garb and church supplies. Did you know we have one in St. Paul on Randolph near Snelling? Check out their gorgeous Irish Stone Candleholder Advent Wreath or Baby’s First Christmas gifts. They sell Advent candles, too, if you need them. NOTE:  May 20, 2014, this company asked me to remove all links to their website.

CorAzoN Tucked into the same building as the Longfellow Grill on Lake Street and the West River Parkway in Minneapolis, CorAzoN paper + art + gift + home has an amazing collection of…moustache related gifts! Seriously! It is Movember, after all. Plus you’ll find gorgeous blazers that you won’t see anyone else wearing for under $100. Cards and über-cool baby gifts, too.

Fiesta in América Do you need stocking stuffers? Stop by the Midtown Global Market for lunch and then fill a bag with Latin American candies.

Moving along Lake Street, pop into Northern Sun for some organic and alternative message gear. Does someone you love, love local music? Buy them a Support Local Music t-shirt and matching bumper sticker. For those fervent recyclers on your list, give them a set Cartographic Stationery made of U.S. Geological maps.

Since I’m mentally driving down Lake Street, I think I’ll stay there for the rest of my list. It’s an easy task because it’s full of unique businesses owned and managed by local Twin-Citians.

Next stop? Hymie’s Vintage Records. There is nothing cooler than that whispery sound that comes from playing an old record. They now share space with Mill City Music and Blue Moon Coffee. If you get thirsty shopping for records or even a new-used turntable, you can bop into the Blue Moon Coffee Cafe. Pick up a pound of beans for your favorite java fan while you’re there.

Of course, if you need your record player repaired or want one of those cool dip-your-record cleaners, head West to the Needle Doctor at 6006 Excelsior Blvd in St. Louis Park. That’s almost Lake Street isn’t it?

On your way back to Lake Street, detour to Bobby Bead at 2081 Hennepin Avenue. Buy a gift certificate for one of their amazing classes and a bag of the prettiest beads you can find for your crafty sister. Skip the website unless you know what you want, but be prepared to be drenched in color when you hit the store.

Swinging back to Lake Street, stop in at 721 Lake Street for 3 different kinds of Feta cheese, or more at Bill’s Imported Foods. My Italian mother used to drive into the city from Excelsior just for the Feta cheese and Havla–a sesame seed and honey dessert she grew up eating in New York. Bring cash, I don’t think they take credit cards.

Real cowboy boots. On Lake Street. Yes, I’m serious. For gorgeous leather gear, saddles, bridles, and stunning boots, head to 413 West Lake Street, home of Schatzlein Saddle Shop. They carry serious riding helmets (Western and English, of course) and boots for your little wranglers, too.

For that cool and creamy pick-me-up head back East over the river, where Lake Street turns into Marshall Avenue and slide into Izzy’s Ice Cream, the only solar-powered creamy I know. My favorites? Banana, Cinnamon, Irish Moxie, Lemon Custard, and Coconut sorbet. If you can’t choose just one, you don’t have to! Order a Dizzy Izzy with FIVE Izzy scoops! When my kids were little, we’d stop in all the time to order their signature Izzy’s — a tiny, kid-sized scoop of ice cream on its own wee cone. With pints and cakes to go, you can have an Izzy any time of the day (or night).

It’s a Wrap!

And a baker’s dozen to boot if you include the Longfellow Grill (They have an incredible beer list!).

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