My friend, Lishyloo is a master thrifter. If you miss the cutie-pie clothes you wore as a kid, check out her Etsy site, that I mentioned on Day Four’s Daily Dozen.

On the other hand, I covet old cars. Maybe it was childhood trips crammed into my parents’ MGs and jags driving around the Iowa countryside or maybe I just appreciate their design; either way, no used-goods list would be complete without Quality Coaches. I have to admit the lack of price on this 1957 MGA listing might just prevent me from seeking more information, but not the Electric MG Midget. Find them at 20 West 38th Street (at Nicollet) in Minneapolis. They are a perfect place to walk to after lunch at Blackbird.

Not too far away on Lyndale, you’ll find june. It’s a “buy outright resale shop, not consignment.” Custom made hats. Wow. 3406 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis

The Selby corridor in St. Paul features a plethora of old stuff, as I like to call it:

Lula Vintage. Mod and cool vintage. 1587 Selby Avenue

Up Six. Mid-century coolness for house and home. 157 Snelling Avenue North

The Mall of St Paul. I counted 6 manual typewriters the last time I was there (my son saw one on display, so we had to stop). Over 5o antique dealers in one place. Awesome record collection. 1817 Selby Avenue

Peter’s Oldies but Goodies is just across the street from the Mall of St. Paul. Lots of old furniture that needing TLC.

Before you head East down Selby, stop at the Blue Door for a snack, but beware, they are always busy.

Between Hamline and Lexington on Selby, you’ll find Express Yourself Clothing. Cool clothes and cool deeds:  “Express Yourself Clothing is kind of a hybrid. We’re both a traditional clothing exchange and a social purpose venture where young people from our community learn all aspects of operating a small business. In this unique environment, our customers can expect to receive courteous, professional service; high-quality clothing and accessories at great prices; and the knowledge that 100% of our revenues are reinvested in our urban internship program.” 1154 Selby Avenue

Northwest Architectural Salvage. Are you one doorknob short of a complete collection in your old house? Look no further.  Located across from J.J. Hill Montessori School at Chatsworth. 981 Selby Avenue

However for a truly amazing selection of furnishings for your old house and other house jewelry (more doorknobs and funky plumbing fixtures), you must visit Architectural Antiques. If you’re not sure what you could do, visit their idea page. 1330 Northeast Quincy Street, Minneapolis

Also in Minneapolis, but formerly in Saint Paul, is Bauer Brothers Salvage. When my husband I finished our 3rd floor walk-up, we wanted 25 linear feet of Oak molding to match the other 2 floors of our house. We went to Bauer Brothers and asked for it. The guy at the front desk politely shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, that’s a lot of molding, but you can put your name in book.” So we did. And they called us 2 days later when they had some in stock. 2432 2nd Avenue North, Minneapolis

Another old favorite, the Reuse Center closed in January 2011. I mention them because their story is great. Read it here.

Obviously, I like old houses and old cars.

But let’s get back to my friend Lishlyloo. Hands down she recommends ARC Value Village because they have an excellent volunteer program, great organization and provide AWESOME thrifting. Four locations in the Twin Cities.

Another do-good-thrift-shop is the Animal Art Thrift Store, which supports Minnesota’s largest no-kill shelter at 809 East 7th Street in Saint Paul.

One last stop in St. Paul – Elite Repeat on Randolph at Hamline. Fashionable women’s clothes in perfect shape at great prices. Plus, I love their tagline:  “Ralph Lauren found hanging around second-hand shop.”

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