Like many of you, I’m on the HubSpot mailing list. Most of the time I actually read it. Sometimes I learn something. Often I find something I can share with my students.

This week’s white paper covers inbound marketing terminology. It applies to both my marketing-communications and my research-buyer behavior students.

Students — and anyone else, you can download it here.

I like it because is marries the vast vocabulary of social media and communications and the math of measurement. You can’t have one without the other. If something pretty doesn’t bring results, stick it on the wall and figure out what does work. Without measurement, we can’t make good business decisions.

Fancy math is my term. It means don’t bury your data in statistics that hide the meaning of your information.

Photo courtesy of Dylan231 via Creative Commons license.

2 responses to “Inbound Marketing – Communications, Research, and Fancy Math”

  1. Math James Avatar

    There are just so many ways to learn math! Appreciate the post.

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