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Travel = Museums

IMG_4549When I was 16 I wanted to see the Mona Lisa, in person. Travel means art museums. At home, like many people, I forget what’s in my backyard. Thankfully the Minneapolis Institute of Arts just send me a few emails reminding me of their new exhibit, Italian Style:  Fashion Since 1945.

Fantastic marketers, the MIA employs direct marketing via email and social media, such as their Facebook page and videos, to remind art lovers to visit. Getting there is only part of the marketing journey; consider the brochures, catalogs, and signage one encounters at a museum, as well. In fact, I have rather large box of postcards from museums I’ve visited all over the world.

Art in Your Backyard

Yesterday, I took my marketing communications students to the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery yesterday to understand the role of artists statements as supplemental media. In preparation, they read two different perspectives on this type of writing:

And then wrote their own about Adé Bethune: The Power of One Person and the Great Mother of Islam.

The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery is free and open every day. Plan your visit, soon.

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Videos courtesy of the Duke University Libraries Digital Collections

Would you buy television advertising? — The question of the week in Integrated Marketing Communications at St. Catherine University.

American Safety Razor: Burma Blockade Deodorant, 1950s-1960s


Pillsbury Instant Mashed Potatoes

P&G: Bonus Laundry Detergent, 1970s

P&G Sparkle Crest Toothpaste, 1980s

Coca-Cola: Fresca, 1970s

Find more vintage commercials at adViews.

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A very popular contest at the Irish Fair of Minnesota is the Best Legs in a Kilt contest. Learn more (and enter if you qualify) about this fun event in this student blog excerpt.

Who has the best legs at the Irish Fair of Minnesota?

DSC_2986The Irish Fair of Minnesota offers so many fun activities and shows to watch! They have entertainment for everyone. This is made possible by the many vendors that help sponsor and support this FREE fair!

The Best Legs in a Kilt Contest!


img_1One such vendor is the Highland Kilt Company! Although they sell products, they also sponsor the Best Legs in a Kilt Contest. It is a contest hosted by the Irish Music & Dance Association for men of all ages. These men enter the competition for fun. They show off their legs and make the audience laugh. They attract many people to the fair and brings attention to Irish culture as well as Highland Kilt Company’s main product, kilts.

Competition Rules

There are 6 different categories for the men to be judged in:

  • Best Legs in a Kilt
  • Best Distinguished Gentlemen Legs in a Kilt
  • Best Youth Legs in a Kilt
  • Best Chicken Legs in a Kilt
  • Hairiest Legs in a Kilt

Other categories may be added if approved by the contest organizers. The category must be added prior to the entry deadline, which is Saturday, August 9th, 2014 this year. The prize for the winner in each category is a sash, the title and bragging rights. The compete:

  • You must be male
  • Wear a tartan or contemporary style kilt
  • Your act must be family friendly, meaning no explicit or offensive material and no dangerous weapons
  • NO late entries. So, sign up by Saturday, Aug. 9th,2014
  • the decision is made by a panel of judges for each category

Find more information about the Rules here. This is a popular contest that everyone can have fun with! Its fun entertainment!

Shop Kilts at the Fair

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 2.44.51 PM

The Highland Kilt Company goes to many different Irish fairs across the nation hosting the Best Legs in a Kilt Contest.  Their product, kilts and other accessories, are represented in a fun and attractive way in this contest. The Highland Kilt Company can be found selling kilts and accessories at the newly expanded Irish Fair of Minnesota Marketplace!

You can also find them at their website and on Facebook!

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Why do you go to the Irish Fair of Minnesota? I’m sure it’s for very different reasons than you do. Read on to hear a St. Catherine University student’s perspective.

Discover the Irish Fair of Minnesota!

There’s something for everyone at the Irish Fair of Minnesota! Games, contests, music,dance, food, and fun family activities! Here are some of the things that I’m excited for.

Food and Drinks!

Guess what am I most excited about? Yes! All the delectable food! I’m excited to see who the food vendors will be and I can’t wait to try some of the various Irish beers (remember your IDs).

Other Activities

Other things that I’d like to check out include basket weaving and Irish doll making. I wonder what those activities will be like. They sound really fun!


There will be a Baking Contest too! One contest will be for soda bread baking and the other will be for scones! Come try your luck and test out how good your recipe is! Maybe you’ll be the lucky favorite.

Kickoff Party!

There’s also a Kickoff Party taking place on August 7th, 7 pm-10 pm. The Mahones will be providing the music for this Kickoff and tickets will be sold for $20 and on the day of the Kickoff, $25.


The fair is less than a month away and it sounds so exciting already! These are just some of the things that I’m excited about the fair. To learn more about the fair visit irishfair.com and check out what excites you. Come to this FREE event on August 8th-10th and join the fun!

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The Irish Fair of Minnesota offers an amazing lineup of Irish and Celtic music. See the full music schedule here.  Below is a blog post about the musical duo,  Sister Tree, from one of my St. Catherine University students.

Music with a Celtic and Irish Feel

Looking for music with a Celtic and Irish feel? Sister Tree is a couple of wonderful gals who found each other through their musical journey and now produce their own original melodic sound.  Both demonstrating their vocal abilities, Dee masters the mandolin and Kerri works the fiddle.  These ladies are wonderful musicians for sure!  You can find these ladies perform at numerous festivals and other events and even hire them for your own events.

Photo courtesy of Sister Tree

Photo courtesy of Sister Tree

On Sister Tree’s website you can find lists of their upcoming events and also samples of their music.  One of their samples is a song called Wild Mountain Time; a lovely song whose sound is strong yet calm.  They have a familiar, yet unique sound in their music.

Performing at the Irish Fair of Minnesota

Like what you hear? If you are in the metro area the second weekend of August then you can catch them at the Irish Fair of Minnesota! On August 10th, Sister Tree will be having 3 performances throughout the day.

If you’d like to learn more check out Sister Tree’s Website or Facebook!

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Discover the amazing literary talent in Minneapolis/St. Paul with the Irish Fair of Minnesota‘s Literary Corner.

Enjoy the blog post from one of my St. Catherine University students about Carol Connolly, Saint Paul’s Poet Laureate.

The Irish Fair of Minnesota: The Literary Corner

With the Irish Fair of Minnesota on its way, it is time to explore all of the rich events and activities that are available to participate in.  One of those would be the Literary Corner, here you can learn about the wonderful Minnesotan writers whom have roots in Irish culture.  Take the time to enjoy their history, writings and presentations from writers of fiction, mystery, historical fictions, cultural history and fantasy. One of the writers that will be highlighted at this event will be Carol Connolly:

Carol Connolly, Saint Paul’s Poet Laureate, is the author of All This And More (Nodin Press, 2009).

Carol Connoly

Her first book,  Payments Due: Onstage Offstage, Midwest Villages &Voices, now in its fifth printing, was first produced for the stage in

Click to view/purchase

All This and More by Carol Connolly

Los Angeles and then in Minneapolis, running for two years in each locale. Carol curates a monthly series, Reading by Writers, now in its fourteenth year, to benefit Public Art Saint Paul.  She is the recipient of the 2011 Kay Sexton Award, presented annually by the Minnesota Book Awards in recognition of longstanding dedication and outstanding work in fostering books, reading, and literary activity in Minnesota. Carol is a Saint Paul native, has seven children, eleven perfect grandchildren, and one perfect great-grandchild.

When you are attending the fair be sure to stop by and view the works of these writers, meet the authors and even get a book signed.  The Irish fair

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At the Irish Fair of Minnesota, I love watching the dance schools perform. One of my students recently wrote about Rince na Chroi who’ve been teaching students for 11 years in St. Paul.

Love to dance? Rince Na Chroi is for you!


Are you interesting in dancing? Have you thought about learning Irish dance?

Rince Na Chroi School of Irish Dance

Rince na chroi accepts children age three and up.  They offer year-round class and have hundreds of performances!  As for adult, no worries, they do have adult class where adult can learn the Irish dance as well.

About Rince na Chroi

Rince na Chroi (pronounced Rink-a na cree), Gaelic for “dance of the heart” was found by Katie Stephens Spangler in February 2003.  Rince na Chroi’s purpose is to provide a positive, fun learning atmosphere for all of their students.  These dancers are friends, in and out of the classroom.  They strive to instill a sense of belonging, school sprite and confidence in each and every Rince na Chroi student.


Contact Katie Stephens Spangler via email or call (651) 645-4292 if you are interested in Irish dance classes.

Learn more about Rince na Chroi on the web.

Don’t wait until the Irish Fair to learn how to Irish dance! Call now to register and in no time, you will learn how to Irish Dance

Excerpted from one of my fantastic’s student’s blogs:  Clorblog.wordpress.com at St. Catherine University.

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