Student Writing: Thoughts on Sephora

I’m too tempted to stop in to Sephora when I walk by, now I see why.
Read on for a excellent description of the value they offer buyers.
What consumer “problems” do they solve?


One of my favorite interactive websites is Sephora. Sephora is one of the world’s top leading beauty websites which carries make up, bath and body, fragrance, skincare and beauty tools and supplies.  Since I love things that are associated with health and beauty, I’ve found Sephora to be a one stop shop.  If I’m looking for the next hit beauty item, most likely, Sephora would carry it.

Sephora carries top brand beauty products so if I wanted to find out more about a certain lipgloss or mascara I can easily on go their website and read the reviews. Within Sephora’s website, they have a skin consultant which consumers can answer a few questions about their skin type and this virtual skin consultant will list a variety of products for one to try out.  Sephora does the same consultation with make up and they teach you how to use different make up…

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