A Student Perspective: Measuring Return on Investment

Perhaps the best summary of the class was described in the recent article, “The Art of the Tale: St. Kate’s business course on storytelling,” in the St. Kate’s News.

Measuring the return on my investment requires minimal reflection and thought. Naturally, the most tangible measures will be my final grade and the completion of four more credits toward my B.S. degree, but perhaps the most valuable benefits will be intangible:

  • The confidence I developed in sharing my voice online – that others might think what I have to say is worth the investment of their time to read.
  • The enthusiasm I developed for social media and how to leverage it to make my life easier (enter my new favorite crowd-sourcing GPS app: WAZE!)
  • The interest I’ve developed in Marketing itself. I am beginning to believe I have untapped talents for marketing and selling that I can leverage in my next career step.
  • The personal fulfillment that results from developing friendships and network relationships with the peers, professors, and speakers from the class.
So it’s clear, at least to me, that my investment of time and financial resources will be repaid, many times over!

Post #10: Measuring Return on Investment.

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