My Swimming Pool Talks to Me

Figuratively at least.

The City of St. Paul opened a stunning new pool two weeks ago to delighted kids and long check in lines. The new Como Park Pool squeezes in more fun per square yard than any pool I’ve ever visited. But this is a marketing blog, not a lazy river, zip line, water slide, cliff jumping blog; or is it?

I could complain about the glacial entry process, but who at the City of St. Paul offices will see my blog?

Thankfully, I have other options.

My pool is on Facebook.

2,055 of us on Facebook like the pool. 27 of us answered; me included. I politely mentioned that I thought there were too many double tubes in the lazy river which caused traffic jams and that it took me FIVE minutes (yes I did use capital letters) to check in 5 people on Saturday night.

And they wrote back! Who knew the pool could type?

I feel heard! I’m happy.

The lesson:  Acknowledgement improves customer satisfaction.

Granted the pool only answered about tubes, so I hope management will analyze the entry process and make speed a goal. After all McDonald’s is not famous for their slow food…

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