Figs and Photography

When I lived in North Carolina, I bought two tiny fig trees at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. Like most things in that part of the world, my fig trees grew prodigiously in only a couple of years. When I left a couple of years ago, my fig trees were laden with hundreds of small, hard, immature figs. My neighbor sends me fig updates from time to time and posts photos of my garden on Facebook, so I can imagine grilling figs and canning fig jam.

However, like the Dutch blogger, Martetatin, a pint of organic figs in Minnesota costs $5, so I don’t buy them very often.

While checking in on my class blogs, I stumbled upon the gorgeous fig salad photos that Martetatin posted recently and WordPress featured today. Click here to see them and for the recipe.

Was I searching for a fig recipe? Not at all, but the stunning photo made me click…

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