Pho Talk in the Saintly City

  1. Sara_G_N_Kerr
    Okay #StPaul Where’s the best Pho on University Ave? @tboard @fleetssara
  2. Sara_G_N_Kerr
    @mrobin032009 @tboard @fleetssara I’m totally in the Pho mood and thought Twitter would give interesting ideas vs Yelp
  3. Sara_G_N_Kerr
    @fleetssara Pho Ca Do was awesome except for the bathrooms. “Not so clean.” #Pho #StPaul
  4. fromedome
    If I designed airports, there would be a midnight pho stand outside baggage claim. Why go home hungry?

One response to “Pho Talk in the Saintly City”

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