Friday Night Takeout (A Packaging Dilemma)

Cossetta’s, Pho Ca Dao, On’s Thai Kitchen, Big Daddy’s Barbecue

I like to eat far more than I like to cook. While I’m pretty good at the latter, I’m even better at finding great food close to home. I especially like food that I don’t know how to cook like Pho or that I’m simply to lazy to make–Cossetta’s ravioli and mushroom salad, for instance.

20130118-220300.jpgTonight’s pulled pork on my salad was incredible. The Styrofoam containers or number-5-the-city-won’t-recycle containers never are.

We need an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative.

No, I don’t have a solution. Do you?

Here are a few ideas:

1) A city-wide packaging cooperative. Put economies of scale to work and find better substitutes.

2) Ask restaurants to make a reasonable committment to using more earth friendly products.

3) Promote restaurants that do use paper vs. styrofoam.

4) Ask patrons if they want disposable forks and spoons. I think that many people, like me, bring the food home and use real plates, bowls, and silverware.

5) Challenge a local design school to create a better package. If IKEA can design from the packaging point of view, why can’t we start with the landfill’s perspective?

6) Lastly, lobby the government to incentify packaging producers and restaurants to use recyclable and compostable products.20130118-220221.jpg

What’s your idea?

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Takeout (A Packaging Dilemma)

  1. Sara, thanks for the reminder that we all need to do our part encouraging restaurants to use paper vs. styrofoam.

    Kudos to Broders Pasta Bar located in South Minneapolis! They send leftovers home in cute little brown “paper” boxes. Their portions are huge, so it is double pleasure taking home a second meal.

    Let’s not forget grocery shopping. Bringing your own reusable bags when grocery shopping is also very earth friendly. This has been encouraged so well by Trader Joe”s and Whole Foods. More stores need to get on board.

    Totally Kids fun furniture and toys provides customers with reusable green fabric “Bring it Back Bags”. – Kelly

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I love my collection of “bring it back bags,” plus they are awesome advertising!

      Mississippi Market uses the same cool boxes for their deli takeout. Perhaps my next post should be about all the good things we are doing! Thanks for that idea!

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