Really?! I mean, will Good Morning America viewers Tweet? share music? buy in to #nowplaying, Twitter’s new music app?

Last night, I had a fun conversation on Twitter, with @Space150‘s Lisa Grimm, (a super-smart Minneapolis PR pro) about Twitter’s music plans. She’s spot on that earned media is a smart move, but I can’t help wondering if Good Morning America is the right conversion market for Twitter’s Now Playing app. Last night, it made me think of General Mill’s foray into petit-dejeuner in France (Oui, we do business in France) or the KLM-Alitalia late 90s alliance — a cultural mismatch that’s hard to understand, in other words.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Twitter can convert Good Morning America viewers.

What do you think?

  1. Twitter will unveil something ‘big’ on @GMA tomorrow
  2. “@lulugrimm: Twitter will unveil something ‘big’ on @GMA tomorrow” funny, they have more users than @gma viewers
  3. @lulugrimm Why the am tv shows do you think? Seems like an odd relationship on the surface.
  4. @Saralitta Earned media value and exposure in an audience they want to convert #smart.
  5. @Saralitta We’ll have to see what they roll out to fully assess:-) Until tomorrow…

One response to “MUSIC: Twitter, Earned Media and Good Morning America, Really?!”

  1. Expressocially Avatar

    Seems like an odd combination to me also. The people that watch daytime TV may not be in the now with current music or much else care much about music and tweeting.

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