I hate chicken blogs.  Not cooking chicken, but raising chickens-for-eggs blogs. Google that and you’ll find 745,00 blog posts. And yes, mine are amongst them. Yes. I have TWO chicken blogs. One that no one reads and one that people love. The Daily Chicken tells the same story of baby chicks, stinky coops, and gorgeous eggs with photos (and a few words now and then).

Sometimes the baby chicks cluck on Vine, too.

The Daily Chicken

My interactive marketing students at St. Kate’s are done with chickens. However, the girls taught my students that people don’t click on links on Facebook from a mobile device, but they do on Twitter regardless of the interface. And more importantly there’s more than one way to tell an engaging story.

In class tonight we’re looking at trends and tools to digitally tell a story. Here are a few of our resources. Enjoy!

2013 Trends from Adobe: http://success.adobe.com/assets/en/downloads/whitepaper/Adobe-Quarterly-Digital-Intelligence-Briefing-Digital-Trends-for-2013.pdf

Visual branding design basics from Hubspot, “Crash Course in Visual Content Creation:” http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/53/file-24953927-pdf/offers/design_it_yourself_the_marketers_crash_course_in_visual_content_creation.pdf?t=1364179930000

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