How Irish is St. Paul? All Roads Meet at the Celtic Junction

Depending upon who you ask, St. Paul, MN is very Irish– about 7% today (per the Census Bureau) but the second most populous ethnic group in the 1850s. Regardless of the statistics, Irish culture plays a big part of the St. Paul culture:

But where do all these traditions meet?


The Celtic Junction, of course!

The Celtic Junction weaves the traditions of Dance, Music, Art & Language according to its website. Tucked a few blocks north of Menards (and University Avenue) on Prior Avenue, the Celtic Junction provides space for all these traditions:

The Celtic Junction was created to celebrate and nurture thriving Celtic Arts by supporting local artists and facilitating the education of those arts to the local community. The Twin Cities Metro Area has a great wealth of talented musicians and performers, mastering such arts as:

  • Irish Step Dance, Ceili Dance & Set Dance
  • Traditional Irish & Scottish Music
  • Gaelic Language, Literature and Studies
  • Visual Arts & Instrument Making

The Celtic Junction wishes to bring these (and many other) traditions together under one roof and to provide a home where our community can thrive and grow together.

Sponsoring the Irish Fair of Minnesota

The Celtic Junction and the Irish Fair of Minnesota are natural colleagues — the Irish Fair even offices in the Celtic Junction.  Sponsorship — when one brand sponsors another — give both of them wider exposure.

“Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial relationship between two organisations, a rights owner such as a sports club, and a fund provider — the business,” explains Jackie Fast, sponsorship manager and managing director at Slingshot Sponsorship.

“While the rights owner usually benefits from goods, services or funding provided by the business, the funder can benefit in myriad ways,” she adds. “The return on investment won’t always translate directly into pounds. But while measuring increased sales is important, benefits such as brand awareness, showcasing opportunities, customer loyalty, lead generation and goodwill, all need to be considered too.”

Sponsorship can generate substantial publicity for a relatively small investment. “It’s like using the strength, funds and audiences of two organizations to develop your product and build your brand awareness,” says Fast.


For every young girl and boy that becomes enamored with Irish Dancing or playing a fiddle at the Irish Fair of Minnesota each August; there is a parent wondering how to nurture that passion. The Celtic Junction is that resource for classes, shows, and general Irish cultural.

Find The Celtic Junction Online:



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