Discover the Irish Fair of Minnesota! – A College Student’s Perspective

Why do you go to the Irish Fair of Minnesota? I’m sure it’s for very different reasons than you do. Read on to hear a St. Catherine University student’s perspective.

Discover the Irish Fair of Minnesota!

There’s something for everyone at the Irish Fair of Minnesota! Games, contests, music,dance, food, and fun family activities! Here are some of the things that I’m excited for.

Food and Drinks!

Guess what am I most excited about? Yes! All the delectable food! I’m excited to see who the food vendors will be and I can’t wait to try some of the various Irish beers (remember your IDs).

Other Activities

Other things that I’d like to check out include basket weaving and Irish doll making. I wonder what those activities will be like. They sound really fun!


There will be a Baking Contest too! One contest will be for soda bread baking and the other will be for scones! Come try your luck and test out how good your recipe is! Maybe you’ll be the lucky favorite.

Kickoff Party!

There’s also a Kickoff Party taking place on August 7th, 7 pm-10 pm. The Mahones will be providing the music for this Kickoff and tickets will be sold for $20 and on the day of the Kickoff, $25.


The fair is less than a month away and it sounds so exciting already! These are just some of the things that I’m excited about the fair. To learn more about the fair visit and check out what excites you. Come to this FREE event on August 8th-10th and join the fun!

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