The Power of Shared Stories

I cannot lose the stories we’ve created together. Unlike a photo album, there is nothing tangible that could be taken or destroyed. Stories are not static, they morph into a phase that becomes our short hand for a complex and profound idea. Our stories bind us together because using them feels like a comforting enveloping hug. But none of them are serious or even notable. They are quirky and frequently contextual.

Our Words

On y va, Guys! We speak franglais a lot at home. Two of my kids speak French so well, I’m envious. In France, one says, “On y va” On y va, pronounced “o(n) nee va,” is a quick, informal way to suggest an outing. In France it’s used to say, “Let’s go,” “Wanna go?” or “Here we go.” As the awesome parents we are, we encourage our children (and our dog) to speak French. In Minnesota, we don’t have “Y’all” or “Yous,” here it’s always, “Guys” as in, “Guys! Wait up!” or “What are you guys doing tonight?”

Mosty flat Yeah, right Google. A few short months and a lifetime ago prior to the pandemic, we took our kids to Europe. We had promised Francophones the trip in appreciation of their studies. Nor could we leave one behind. He wanted to go to Pompeii and Rome. We said, “Certo!” of course. Armed with Siri and Google, we easily found what we were looking for. But nowhere in Rome is flat. It’s known as the city of 7 hills. Quand Même, Google?! Everywhere we went in Rome, Google told us the way was mostly flat.

“Mostly flat” now means something is not what it seems and there’s a lot more to the story.

Quand Même! Naturally, you must be curious what this means. I like to think of it as a polite, French version of WTF! But really, you say it when you’re really surprised.

More to come tomorrow…

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

72 Hours

Husband Number Blonde


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