KLM lost my luggage

And my gifts of mustard and goodwill

Not quite as catchy as “United Broke My Taylor Guitar,” but it’ll do pig 🐷 .

This story was a lot funnier, before I erased it from Instagram. (And a lot shorter, too) It must’ve been good because the image of my lovely friend MK cartwheeling & chortling on her front lawn continues to thwart my sleep. (Kidding- a plethora of ideas deserve the blame.)

But alas, like my #LostLuggage full of Pearson Nut Rolls, Native Harvested Wild Rice, and the five beloved jars of moutarde française, that wild tale is lost to the memories of my iPhone.

Saved by my random recall!


(Seriously there’s no room in my bag for anything more—I was forced to open the bags of Carambar I’d bought for my kids and stow thé single caramels in my (new) shoes. (Désolée).

Why is this funny!? China and Taiwan will kiss and make up, men will cease driving in Saudi Arabia, and Texas will vote blue (one can hope) before I forgo my Mom’s early, diligent, and prescient training.

Besides I kind of like France. 💙🤍💔

I could see MK rolling her eyes 👀 at the impossibility of me spending the next two weeks in France 🇫🇷 — land of my favorite things, host to many wicked smart writers (Yourcenar, Voltaire, Childs), and yes doer of bad, bad things, without shopping. I’m a damn good buyer, shopper, purchasing agent, Call it what you will, this skill (often maligned in the context of shoes and thrifting) bought undervalued stocks, fed my wanderlust, and saw value in forgotten real estate.

My absolutely mignon Monoprix valise in claire bleue already defies the natural laws of physics. One more gift could cause an explosion — and I’m not checking this bag.


Say goodnight to my adorable new $70 @monoprix mini-valise. It’s packed with my new PJs, airy sun dresses (»), a modest swimsuit that fits 😳😲😮, des sous vêtements—bien sûr, shampooing, etc.

Perfection is the enemy of the good.

Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien, a translation of the Italian proverb il meglio è nemico del bene.[

Voltaire (1764), “Art dramatique”, in Dictionnaire philosophique (in French), published 1878: “C’est bien ici qu’on peut dire : Il meglio è l’inimico del bene”

Publish the Damn Post, Sara. It’s good enough.

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