An update to my post from yesterday.

St. Catherine University is on, we just couldn’t find it last night. Here is the link to see some Katies in Action. One of my favorite sets of photos is here,– when St. Catherine University President Andrea J. Lee, IHM, sent the opening convocation to the Minnesota State Fair, all decked out in St. Kate’s Purple.

To learn more about St. Kate’s, just go to their News Page. In the upper left corner, there is a link to “Photo Collections.” Yeah, it’s there. We couldn’t find it yesterday, but we only took about 10 minutes to search on the web for St. Kate’s. We were scanning multiple web pages, going to likely sources (, etc) and we didn’t find this. We completely missed the Photostream on I think we must have searched for “St. Kate’s” in “groups” on Flickr instead of the more accurate St. Catherine University. Our mistake.

The photos are awesome, but they need to be findable. They need to be obvious. It’s these kind of images that bring the campus to life. My students would and did say, they need to be where prospective students are looking. Parents might go to the news page, but high school students would probably go to Student Life or Admissions.

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