@Unsummit 2011 – Saturday, June 18th, at CoCo in Downtown St. Paul

Get your tickets now — it’s FREE!

What is the UnSummit?

UnSummit is an alternative, “unconference,” not unlike a BarCamp. That means full participation, full dissemination and free admission — all the things that traditional conferences are not.

Unsummit was conceived by Don Ball of Polymer Studios in October 2008 as an alternative to the sold-out 2009 MIMA Summit and held on the same day. UnSummit quickly grew into a stand-alone event with UnSummit2 in March 2009. UnSummits are now planned to occur annually…– http://unsummit.org/

I’m presenting on Small Businesses and Social Media:  “Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget using Social Media.”


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