“Other Spaces” for Marketing: Merlins Rest, Guiness Stout and Big Top Liquors

Continuing on the theme I started with 3M at the Minnesota Children’s Museum, here are some other places I’ve experienced someone’s message…

Merlins Rest Menu

Why I like it? An unobstrusive plug to be social and find them on Facebook and on Twitter @Merlinsrest. Besides I’ve always loved their name. It’s ambiguous and reflective of many things depending on your mood.

While at Merlin’s Rest, I ordered a Black Velvet. It came in a Summit glass (well, we are in Minnesota, after all) and on a Guinness coaster. The coaster says “Mix Bold Drinks.”

What it means is:

Don’t be Afraid of Guinness because it’s Dark.

Ease into it and mix it with something light, like a Lager or Cider.

I love Guinness, straight or mixed, but some people might need that little push to give it a try.

There’s nothing on the official Guinness site about mixing it.

Why do YOU think it’s missing?

Last, but not least, I went to Big Top Liquors for a party. The first think you see walking in the store or on their website is their Central Corridor Light Rail customer loyalty program.

It’s Brilliant.

With every purchase you get a ticket stub that might win you a flat screen TV. In this ‘hood, I’m thinking the Flat Screen per Household ratio is bit lower than say in Minnetonka where they also have a store.

If only I could remember to bring my ticket stub when I return…

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