The University Avenue Project: How many places can YOU visit?

It must be the heat, but no one felt like cooking and everyone wanted a cold, spicy Thai salad. We ventured outside of the round-square, aka The One Mile Project and headed to University Avenue.

If you live in Minnesota you really know that there are truly only two seasons, winter and road construction. It’s difficult to get anywhere during the latter. We’re all especially challenged this summer as the Saintly City prepares for Light Rail. If you somehow missed that piece of news, just click here.

I touched on the economic effect of Light Rail construction on University Avenue businesses in an earlier post about Big Top Liquors. I make a point of winding my way through road closures and Tweeting my friends for quick new routes from here to there to support those shops and restaurants.

Tonight, I thought I’d take this problem on and invite my friends to see how many University Avenue small businesses they can visit between now and Labor Day. (Target does not count!)

So fellow St. Paulites & Minneapolitans, I’m challenging YOU! How many places on University Avenue can you visit?

Here’s my summer list so far. It’s paltry.

Menard’s, Target, Cub Foods, Rainbow Foods = too big to count

AxMan Surplus (many times) Did I tell you about the orange school lockers I bought for my garage?

On’s Thai Kitchen — trust me that will get it’s own post.

Big Top Liquors

Sharett’s Liquors

On my list to visit soon:

Asian Deli on Western and (I hope) University Avenues

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