Tell Me a Story

Storytelling is paramount to successful marketing. It humanizes the product or service being promoted.

In Integrated Marketing Communications (MKTG 2350) students blog their thoughts on marketing in an effort to learn social media theory, master blogging technology ( and Twitter), and tell an evocative story.

Storytelling is the most difficult.

Even though I blog frequently, looking at an empty page intimidates me. However, I know my stories (Cassoulet, Shopping Small, and Mango doughnuts) capture my reader’s attention far more than a recitation of facts.

Teaching storytelling is as much as art as actually telling one.

Thankfully I know a lot of raconteurs.

Friday night, local teller of tales, Erik Hare, shares his expertise with my students. He’ll be talking about the following:


Walls do talk to St. Kate’s alumna, Teresa Boardman. She tells stories about housing, real estate, and plumbing valves to source clients to work with. They find her St. Paul real estate blog via Google and hire her because of her obvious expertise.

What’s your story?

2 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story

  1. Thanks for the mention! This is my passion in life, but it’s hard to make a living off of. That’s rather sad, really, but it makes for a really fun hobby. I believe that nearly anything can be told as a story – and often better than as a journalistic “just the facts” piece. I also believe that anyone can learn this craft with solid fundamentals and practice.

    Anyone who says this is some kind of new trend, however …. I have no time for!

  2. The Strib and Target would disagree: “What sets Target apart is that retailing is just one part of their business. The company also sees itself as merchandiser, curator, marketer, and designer.’We want to bring the stores to life through our stores,’ said Stacia Andersen, senior vice president of Target’s home division.” This sounds like Target plans to tell the story of the merchant within their walls. This isn’t the first story they’ve featured lately about merchants telling their story.

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