Great Stories of Random Subjects: MC Nelson, Primp, Vocation, and Crashed Ice St. Paul

In follow-up to Friday’s lecture on storytelling, my guest speaker, Erik Hare, wrote about one of MLK’s less mentioned talents:  his gift of oratory. In Cadence, Erik writes:

The craft of Dr. King’s life came equally from the homilies of sermons and the bubbling reaction of the crowds who came to listen.  There was much more to him than the careful cadence of measured speech, the poetry of language set on fire in the hearts of those around him – yet it was essential to the movement.


Since Friday’s class, I’ve noted a number of random, wonderful stories–human, warm, engaging, believable, and persuasive. Enjoy!

Read:  Marilyn Carlson Nelson’s The marriage amendment, from all angles; Will Minnesota ‘right the culture’ or part with valued workers, citizens, friends?  The multiple stories embedded in this op-ed bring a controversial subject to the level of sidewalk conversation–conversations that anyone might have with their neighbor. No one benefits from anonymous rants online or spewed from a car window. We learn, we accept, we tolerate because of the stories we share with one another.

And it was a very different culture that greeted me as a female in the early ’60s — just out of college with an honors degree in economics and no place to use it. I quickly found that job opportunities for women were heavily skewed to teaching, nursing and secretarial work.

Fortunately, Paine Webber took a chance on me, and I became the first female securities analyst in the state. On one condition: I would sign my recommendations “MC Nelson.”


Read or does one Experience Facebook? Primp’s description of their deeply discounted dress. I can imagine myself wearing it to the summer baby shower I know I’ll be attending or dinner around town with my husband. My point? The dress is plain, stylish, yes, but still plain. The story, the occasions–they have power.

What is there not to love about this camel dress? Not only can it be worn throughout winter with black tights, pumps and a blazer… it’s the perfect combination of conservative and chic for summer weddings! The best part? Currently marked down from $90 to $45!

Read:  St. Paul author, Claire Bischoff’s recent blog posts about her vocation to study theology. Regardless of your beliefs, read it to appreciate her gift of language, cadence, and organization.

But that is not how it works for vocation. There are no better or worse callings from God. There are simply callings that match our gifts and talents and others that do not. I do not burn with a love of the sciences, thus I would have floundered trying to get through science courses on the way to medical school. There are other people called to do that work.


Watch:  MPORA’s and local media coverage of Redbull’s Crashed Ice races in St. Paul. There’s nothing like being there, but seeing a race from start to finish is amazing.

Somehow I “lost” my favorite video from Saturday night. I thought I watched it on MPR on my iPhone, but no Google search will provide it. If anyone finds a 2:46 long video showcasing the final race and the entire race track pulsing with light, send me the link.

This video comes a close second. Claudio Caluori explains his racing technique and highlights the course’s challenges.

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